///HDPE Cylindrical Jar 2000ml with 120-400 neck finish

HDPE Cylindrical Jar 2000ml with 120-400 neck finish

The HDPE Cylindrical Jar range is our newest range. All the sizes within the range are available with or without bead. Therefore both long skirt closures as normal screw closures fit on these jars. The bead also
makes it easy to give the jar a neck sleeve.





Multiple colours


Size (ml)

Overflow (ml)

Neck finish

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Label Height (mm)

Weight (g)

Pallet specs


Pallet Quantity


Pallet Dimensions (cm)

80 x 120

Pallet Weight (kg)

Packaging specs


Dimensions (cm)

Weight (kg)

Other products in this category

 NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label-height (mm)Weight (g)
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 500ml with 100-400 neck finish HDPE500600100-400811046041
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 750ml with 100-400 neck finish HDPE750850100-4001111049150
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 1000ml with 100-400 neck finishHDPE10001100100-40014210412159
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 1250ml with 100-400 neck finishHDPE12501350100-40017210415270
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 1500ml with 120-400 neck finishHDPE15001800120-40015912412775
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 2000ml with 120-400 neck finishHDPE20002300120-40020212416985
HDPE Cylindrical Jar 2500ml with 120-400 neck finishHDPE25002810120-40024512421295

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