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Novio Packaging Group B.V. to take over Haal Verpakkingen B.V.

On June 14, the Novio Packaging Group B.V. will be taking over Haal Verpakkingen B.V. Haal director Eric Haal will remain with Novio Packaging for the coming period. At the end of April, Novio Packaging Group merged with Scandinavian Packaging A/G. The international packaging business based in Wijchen is

Novio Packaging Group to merge with Scandinavian Packaging A/S

 As from today, the international Novio Packaging Group will be joining forces with Scandinavian Packaging A/S. As a result, this Danish packaging company will become a ‘member of Novio Packaging’ operating under its present name, and as from January1, 2019 under the name Novio Scandinavia. The recently established Novio Packaging

Last month we have moved to a new address!

Last month we have moved to a new address! Last month we have moved to a new office with our company. This office provides us the space to grow further and offer our services even better than before. View the gallery below for an overview of our beautiful new

Starting 2018 from a new location!

Starting 2018 from a new location! Over the past few years we have welcomed a lot of new colleagues and customers. In 2012 this led to an expansion of our current office.  This expansion gave us a lot of new opportunities and space to grow. Over the past year

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